How to get the best experiance

Follow each step to prepare your computer  to give you the best of our city!

Installation and Setup

The follwoing will Optimize FiveM

Once you have created your person  hit "ESC". then select "SETTINGS". Then Select "Voice Chat". and make sure  " Voice Chat Enabled" is turned OFF.

As seen in the Photo.

 Scroll Down for next Optimization

GPU Optimization

Not that you have turned off In-game voice chat. We will optimize your GPU for best experiance.

Again hit "ESC" if your not still in this menu and select "SETTINGS". then proceed to select "Graphics" and locate the setting " Extended Texture Budget" and increase this bar to about 70% of the lenght. as seen in the photo.
for smaller GPU I recommend to set all Settings belot this option to Medium. but set as desired.

Below is the GPU Vram allication for the game. We recommend  5000 MB or mor or a minimum of 3000 MB

You are now ready to join us in the city with the best experiance!

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