Column 1 Column 2
A Description
W Description
D Description
S Description
E Select/Action Menu
Z Crawl
TAB Opens Inventory
` OE ~ Voice distance
1 -6 selects item in your hotbar
O Opens Pet Menu
\ OR | Opens Multijob Menu
M Opens phone
P Opens map
T Command or chat box
HOME Player/Scoreboard
R Alternate Punch
J Ziptie/handcuff
9 Opens Skill menu
F6 Job Menu
F1 Radial Options menu
F4 Opens Emote Menu
F8 Opens Server Console
C Momentary View backwards


Key Discription
` or ~ Adjust voice distance
Tab Opens your glovebox while sitting in the vehicle or trunk while at the rear of your vehicle
Caps Opens the vehicle controls (doors, windows, seats, and Etc)
Left Shift Throttle Control
Left Ctrl
1-6 Your hotbar items
Q Radio Selection (emergancy lights in emergancy vehicles)
A turn left
W Forward throttle
S Reverse Throttle
D turn right
E Horn
F enter or ext vehicle
C Look backwars
G Engine off
H High Beams on/off
L Lock/Unlock 
B Seatbelt on/off
- or _ Left Tern Signal
= or + Right Turn Signal
p Open Map
/ or ?
. or >
Space Emergancy Brake
m Open Phone
b Seatbelt or Harness on/off
v View Camera Change
Num 8 Air Suspenion Up
Num 5 Air Suspenion Down
F5 Opens Radar/Plate Scanner