The Rules

General Server Rules
  • Be respectful in the Discord server and follow specific roleplay rules. Treat others with respect and avoid offensive remarks.
  • No spamming, flooding, NSFW content, advertising, or self-promotion. Maintain meaningful and on-topic discussions.
  • Refrain from sharing spoilers or leaked information. Avoid spoiling games, movies, or media for others.
  • Respect the privacy of others and follow the instructions of staff. Do not share personal information without consent.
  • No hacking, cheating, or exploiting in games or platforms. Do not engage in any form of cheating or exploiting to gain unfair advantages.
  • Remember, always follow the specific guidelines and rules of the server you're playing on. These rules are subject to change depending on the server and community policies.
Character Rules
  • Perma-death is your choice; no revenge character allowed. Players can decide to permanently kill off their character, but creating a new character solely for revenge purposes is not allowed.
  • Once your character is created, their skin and body features cannot be changed. If you want to change your character's appearance, you must create a new character.
Discord and OOC Rules
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    Don't speak OOC unless spoken to by staff. Only use out-of-character (OOC) communication when necessary or directed by staff.
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    Use /ooc for help only; no conversation over OOC. The /ooc chat should only be used for seeking help or assistance, not for unrelated conversations.
Weapon Rules
  • Stick to legal weapons, follow acquisition methods, and obtain licenses if required. Only use weapons that are allowed within the server's roleplay setting and obtain them through appropriate means.
  • Store and transport weapons responsibly. When not using weapons, store them securely and responsibly.
  • Use weapons in a realistic and roleplay-based manner. Weapons should be obtained and used realistically, aligning with the character's story and roleplay.
  • Report stolen/lost weapons and rule violations to staff. If your character's weapon is stolen or lost, report it to the staff for investigation.
Vehicle Rules

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Combat Rules
  • Use /dv responsibly; it's not allowed during RP situations or when your car breaks down. Do not /dv during RP situations or car damages; use it only when leaving the session or during pile-ups.
  • No kidnapping or killing on-duty cops/medics if they are the only ones. Do not engage in such actions if they are the sole on-duty personnel.
  • Respect in-game laws; avoid excessive non-RP activities like reckless driving, starting fights for no reason, etc.
  • No exploiting, hacking, or AFK for extended periods. Exploiting, hacking, and excessive AFK will result in an immediate ban.
  • No combat logging; don't log out to avoid RP consequences. Do not log out in the middle of an RP situation to avoid in-game consequences.

Roleplay Rules
  • If cops are offline, PVP crimes are not allowed unless there's mutual agreement and admins are informed. However, you can engage in criminal activities with mutual consent and inform an admin.
  • No cop baiting, intentionally attracting police attention with reckless behavior. This includes burning out in intersections, revving motors at lights, and committing traffic violations near police.
  • When EMS is on duty, don't respawn without permission. RP your injuries if revived. If killed in a way that can't be revived, announce your death with /me.
  • Follow NLR (New-Life Rule) - after respawn/morgue, you have no memory of how you died or who killed you. Unless revived by EMS, RP your injuries.
  • Follow FearRP, especially when facing multiple threats and can't escape without dying. Comply with demands in realistic situations.
  • No FailRP - avoid unrealistic and impossible actions, make sure your actions are thought out and realistic.
  • No Vigilante RP - don't roleplay as known fictional characters like Spider-Man or John Wick.