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    Server Rules

    TamedNation is a new FiveM roleplay community with members from all over the world. Our rules prioritize roleplay over gunplay with the goal of creating fun interactions for all players at all times. The rules below promote a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all factions. Our expectation is that every member of our community adheres to these rules.

    In a roleplay server, the expectation is that you are roleplaying. Your actions, interactions, and behavior should have strong ties to the fictional character that you have created and will be roleplaying as. A great role-player has a character with a unique backstory who specializes in a few things, rather than a jack of all trades. Many people play two or more characters to explore and then focus on the different things our server has to offer.

    **General Rules (GEN)**

    1. Players must be 18 years of age or older.
    2. Players must have a working microphone and communicate in English only.
    3. Players should remain In Character (IC) at all times. If a game-breaking issue or rule break occurs, remain in character and roleplay out the situation – to the best of your ability; a support ticket regarding the issue may be filed after the fact.
    4. Players should only use /report to file a player report for an immersion-breaking rule issue or overly disruptive individual.
    5. Players should only use /ooc to ask a question or provide help for RP-stopping technical issues.
    6. Players are not allowed to purchase items, money, or services in the game using any form of real-world currency or compensation.
    7. Players are responsible for any actions made from their account. If you share, allow, or fail to secure your PC from others, you are still responsible for any actions that occur on your account.
    8. Players are not allowed to advertise other roleplay servers.

    **General Behavior (GB) & Disruptive Behavior (DB)**

    1. Players should not quote or allude to server rules in the game.
    2. Players should not refer to other servers in-game.
    3. Players who use racist, derogatory, anti-LGBTQ+ language, or roleplay sexual assault will be permanently banned.
    4. Players should not bait the police into a hostile interaction or purposefully draw police into a scenario without any form of meaningful RP (cop baiting).
    5. Players should not insert themselves into scenarios or shootouts between other groups or a group and the police as a third party.
    6. Players should not transfer any assets to another player without prior in-character reasoning.
    7. Players should not engage in harassment of community members.

    **Role Play (RP)**

    1. Erotic, suicide, miscarriage, and abortion RP are not permitted.
    2. Your character’s name must be reasonably realistic, appropriate, and must not resemble famous people.
    3. Players shall RP out any injuries obtained in the game, and their character actions should take these injuries into consideration.
    4. Players should not take another player far out into the ocean and dump them without a valid RP reason.
    5. Sharing hidden illegal locations and processes without sufficient roleplay is not permitted.
    6. In order to rob a player, you must be directly involved and have a valid RP reason to do so. You should not be pocket wiping players (taking most or all of their items), using it as a farming tool, or robbing incapacitated players you come upon without having been involved in the scenario.
    7. Players should not kidnap another player for more than 15 minutes without their consent. An absence of objection to being held longer than 15 minutes is considered consent.
    8. Players should not kidnap or hold EMS/LSFD personnel hostage at any time while they are on duty.
    9. Players should not kidnap another player while they are locked in a menu (hairdresser, clothing store, banking, Los Santos Customs, etc).
    10. Players Roleplaying as Law Enforcement Officers are prohibited from participating in any form of corruption Roleplay.
    11. Players are prohibited from doing a mechanical robbery within 20 minutes of a server reset.
    12. Players should not engage in behavior that could negatively disrupt the experience of other players.
    13. Players should not spam your car horn for the sake of spamming your car horn.
    14. Players should not purposefully draw police into a scenario without any form of meaningful RP (cop baiting). Example: walking up to a police officer at a police station and smoking meth, then running away.
    15. Players should not insert themselves into scenarios or shootouts between other groups or a group and the police as a third party.
    16. Players must not transfer any assets to another player without prior in-character reasoning. Asset dumping will result in your character being deleted, and the assets transferred being wiped.

    **Random Death Match (RDM) & Vehicle Death Match (VDM)**

    1. Players should not use violence against another player or group without role play leading up to the event. You must either state a clear and reasonable demand to an intended target, with reasonable time to respond, or there must be adequate RP leading up to the

    event in such a manner that all parties recognize the sense of tension and hostility.
    2. Hostile RP is valid for 30 minutes from the point of initiation.
    3. The use of a ‘hitman’ is not allowed. You are allowed to work with other players to track an individual down; however, you are responsible to RP out the scenario yourself.
    4. You may use a vehicle to damage/incapacitate another player in immediate, last resort self-defense (as in, there is no way to leave an area without driving through/over the person in your way).
    5. Vehicles may also be used to escape a barricaded location or to disable (in a reasonable PIT or barricading way) another player’s vehicle during a chase. All other uses of a vehicle as a weapon are prohibited.

    **Combat Logging (CL)**

    The following are considered combat logging if done by a player during an active scenario:

    1. Disconnecting from the server.
    2. Re-spawning.
    3. Using Local EMS.
    4. Storing a vehicle in a garage to prevent police/other players from accessing it.
    5. Fleeing inside state-provided housing (Downbad, Sandy Motel, Paleto Motel).

    **Fail Role Play (FRP) & Unrealistic Game Play (UGP)**

    1. Players should not volunteer to be a hostage or ask someone to be a hostage.
    2. You must not perform actions or utilize game mechanics that would pose a significant threat to your life in situations, nor actions which you would not realistically perform in the real world.
    3. Exploiting/use of external programs or scripts.

    Our developers work hard to create a balanced, enjoyable, and fair experience for all players in our community when it comes to game mechanics. The use of external tools OR bugs OR the use of workarounds that give you an advantage in the game are considered exploits, which is a rule break. You must immediately report any discovered bugs or improperly working game mechanics and not utilize any bugs or improperly working game mechanics to your advantage.

    The following game modifications are prohibited:

    1. Altering textures of blood particle effects to make them more visible (confetti, etc).
    2. FOV beyond that permitted by the base game (using Flawless Widescreen or similar programs).
    3. Adding permanent bullet tracers.
    4. Players must not use macros or scripts to automate functions in a manner that gives an unfair advantage over other players.
    5. Players must not circumvent the AFK kicker system.
    6. Players must not transfer money or items between their characters through any means, nor facilitate such a transfer.

    **Meta Gaming**

    1. Players must not use information gained outside of the gameplay environment to their benefit.
    2. Players are not permitted to be in external communication such as Discord parties with other players while you are in-game.
    3. Your characters should be unique and have no relationship to each other or be part of the same gang or business.

    **Power Gaming (PG)**

    Power gaming is the use of in-game mechanics or server rules to gain an unfair advantage over other players, control the narrative, and/or determine the outcome of a situation rather than letting roleplay determine the outcome. We do not support a must-win or must-lose mentality in BLRP. Your actions should be focused on promoting RP within and outside of your group.

    1. You are not allowed to force a condition or belief on others; however, you may choose to RP your belief of those situations. This includes supernatural RP.
    2. You cannot force a player to permanently kill one of their characters.
    3. Torture RP is permitted with the consent of both parties.
    4. Server restarts, timeouts, or disconnects should not be used to change the directions of an RP situation.
    5. Players should not drop items in areas you know other players cannot search or find them (dropping items out of the map bounds, through walls, etc.).
    6. Players should not retrieve vehicles from a car garage mid-pursuit with the police.
    7. Players should not misuse furniture items in houses/warehouses to create a fortress or pixel peeks.
    8. Players should not lock a property or business to avoid hostile roleplay that has started.

    **Value of Life, New Life Rule (NLR), and Revenge Killing**

    1. You must value your life at all times and make reasonable attempts to preserve your life in any situation. This includes responding to hostile interactions as well as avoiding risks in-game which would jeopardize your character’s health such as the following:
    – Using radio or phone
    – Activating panic button or alarms
    – Walking away
    2. You must follow reasonable demands from a hostile player when you are in an indefensible situation. This doesn’t mean that the first person to brandish a weapon gets to control the scenario, as players are allowed to defend themselves from hostilities if an appropriate opportunity presents itself.
    3. Upon incapacitation of a player during hostile RP, neither player may reinitiate hostile RP with or attack the other players for 60 minutes.
    4. Players should not intentionally put their life at risk by using their vehicle to block other fast (100mph+) moving vehicles.

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